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Faculty Research & Service

Faculty Service

Roberta Ahlquist presented “Take Two: Public Schooling in the Middle East,” to the Humanist Society of the Bay Area in Palo Alto on Sept. 8. She also presented “Keeping the ‘Public’ in Public Education,” to Women in Science at the Stanford Linear Accelerator.

Rebeca Burciaga published (with Nancy Erbstein) an article titled, “Challenging Stereotypes and Highlighting Agency through Community Cultural Wealth,” in The Politics of Latina/o Social Agency: Praxis & Policy in the Struggle for Educational Justice [Special issue, Association of Mexican American Educators Journal], Fuentes, E., Sánchez, P., Noguera, P., & Darder, A., eds. (6) (2013): 24-33.

Brent Duckor published (with Steffan Brandt) “Increasing Unidimensional Measurement Precision Using a Multidimensional Item Response Model Approach” in Psychological Test and Assessment Modeling, 55(2) (2013) 148-161.

Mark Felton published (with C. Monte-Sano and S. De La Paz) “Building Literacy in the History Classroom: Teaching Disciplinary Reading, Writing, and Thinking in the Age of the Common Core” (New York, Teachers College Press, in press).

Sharmin Khan presented “A Proficiency Oriented Approach to Reading” and “Assessment, Evaluation and Feedback” to teachers of English at the BRAC University Institute of Languages, Dhaka, Bangladesh (July 2013).

Jason Laker presented the inaugural lecture for the Center for the Study of Masculinities and Men’s Development speaker series at Western Illinois University (February 2013). He presented “Men’s Issues? What Issues?” to students, faculty and staff at the University of Oregon (April 2013).

Henriette W. Langdon published (with S. Levey and L.L. Langdon), “The Relationship Between Ethical Principles and Clinical Practice in Working with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations: A Tutorial,” in Speech and Hearing Review: A Bilingual Annual, 11 (2013): 77:104.

Mei-Yan Lu published (with M.T. Miller and R.E. Newman) “Globalizing the Teaching Experience: Challenges and Opportunities of Working with Transnational Faculty in Higher Education” in The Handbook of Research on Transnational Higher Education Management, S. Mukerji, ed., (Hershey, Pa., IGI-Global, USA, 2013).

Jennifer Madigan presented the Future Faculty Seminar to 300 graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral trainees at Stanford University (October 2013).

Nancy Markowitz (with Patty Swanson) is producing a video project on the Social-Emotional Dimension of Teaching and Learning in Pre-service Education, thanks to a $25,000 grant from the S.D. Bechtel Jr. Foundation.

June McCullough presented “The Picture Identification Task: From A (Arabic) to V (Vietnamese)” at the 20th Annual Appalachian Spring Conference in Johnson City, Tenn. (June 2013).

Associate Dean Mary McVey presented (with Patty Garvin and Nate Thomas) “Continuous Improvement Pathway: Writing the Self-Study Report,” at the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation spring conference in Louisville, Ky. (March 2013).

Wendy Quach (with Shelley Lund, Miechelle McKelvey and Kristy Weissling) received a three-year $580,000 federal grant for a project to develop an assessment protocol to match children and adults who have severe communication disabilities with the most effective augmentative and alternative communication tools.

Rosalinda Quintanar (with T. Montaño) published a chapter titled, “Finding My Serpent Tongue: Do ESL Textbooks Tap the Linguistic and Cultural Capital of Our Long-Term English Language Learners?” in The New Politics of the Textbook: Problematizing the Portrayal of Marginalized Groups in Textbooks, H. Hickman and B. Profilio, eds., (Rotterdam, Sense Publications, 2012).

Colette Rabin presented (with Nancy Markowitz and Patty Swanson) “Embedding the Social Emotional Dimension of Teaching and Learning in Pre-Service Teacher Education through Course/Field Assignments,” at the California Council on Teacher Education in San Diego (October 2012).

Noni Reis published (with A. Smith) a chapter titled, “Re-thinking the Universal Approach to the Preparation of School Leaders: Cultural Proficiency and Beyond,” in Handbook of Research on Educational Leadership for Diversity and Equity, L.C. Tillman and J.J. Scheurich, eds., (New York, Routledge: Taylor & Francis, 2013): 651-669.

Maureen Smith (with Robin Hogan) won a $1,000 undergraduate research grant to fund “Imagination, Creativity and Career Choices: College Students’ Experiences,” examining childhood and current “trait” influences on students’ choice of major and future career (June 2013-June 2014).

Nadia Sorkhabi (with Ellen Middaugh) published “How Variations in Parents’ Use of Confrontive and Coercive Control Relate to Variations in Parent-Adolescent Conflicts, Adolescent Disclosure and Parental Knowledge: Adolescents’ Perspective,” in Journal of Child and Family Studies (advance online publication).

Faculty Service
Jason Laker served as a judge for the case study competition for American College Personnel Association’s Standing Committee for Graduate Students and New Professionals (2013).

Henriette W. Langdon served as a planning committee member for the 12th annual Fiesta Educativa Conference in San José. This event is for Spanish-speaking parents who have children with various abilities and disabilities.

Elba Maldonado-Colon serves as a member of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education Meeting and Professional Development Committee, charged with structuring the 2014 national conference in Indianapolis and screening program proposals.

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